The journey

Every day, every woman, everywhere, is bombarded with images of what she should look like. And the beauty myth is even creeping its way into our churches, leaving many Christian women feeling like they just don’t measure up.

Our story really needs to be better than this.

So I wrote a book. Am I Beautiful? is really a journey; an attempt to address what it is that makes so many women feel inadequate, to share our stories, to find some truths and some solutions. But it’s not just so we can sit around and say how pretty we feel. It’s so that we can be free… to do whatever we’re supposed to do.

I’d love you to come with me on this journey. I’d love this blog to be a place where we share stories, thoughts, encouragement and challenges.

So from time to time I’ll ask questions and post some thoughts, which it would be great if you could respond to.

I hope the book tells our story.



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