am-i-beautiful-post-cat-6.jpgHere are some nice things people have said about ‘Am I Beautiful?’:

I loved Chine’s book. A thoughtful, vulnerable and perceptive study of beauty in Western society. Chine’s easy style weaves well-researched ideas together with personal reflection to challenge the prevailing commercialised notion of beauty, and offer instead a far richer view.
Maggi Dawn, associate professor of theology and literature, Yale Divinity School

Raw and powerful, yet inspirational and hopeful. I love this book, and believe it’s essential reading for Christian women today.
Jo Saxton, speaker and author

Wow – this book is amazing. Hilarious, intimate, and wise, it gripped me, not just because as social commentary-cum-confession it’s so well observed, but because the writing is deliriously alive. 
Jenny Taylor, Lapido Media

At last, a life-enhancing, challenging gem of a book that tackles the scourge of society’s obsession with a woman’s appearance… Buy it for yourself, your sister, your mother, and most of all, your daughters and granddaughters.
Michele Guinness, journalist and writer

Every woman should read this book… if we can grasp hold of the truths within it, we can shift a culture which continually tells us that we are not beautiful enough.
Bekah Legg, editor, Liberti 

I can’t commend Chine’s book highly enough. I breathed a sigh of relief that at last there was a resource I could give to my daughters.
Carl Beech, Christian Vision for Men

I applaud Chine and her courage to lift the spirits, hearts, and faces of women who feel broken, ugly, and ashamed. 
Renee Fisher, speaker and author

A book to help you remember you are beautiful when you feel ugly, lovely when you feel dowdy and cherished when you feel like nothing special.
Rachel Gardner, Romance Academy


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