barefaced breakfast“We were delighted to have Chine come to speak at our women’s breakfast last month at All Hallows Bow. With a diverse group of women from different ages and backgrounds, it was wonderful to meet together and share in learning about ourselves as we bared our faces and really delved into the topic of real beauty. Chine is a wonderfully real and engaging speaker, and it was great to hear from her experiences as well as from academic studies and her own research. Perhaps the highlight of the morning was the chance to reflect on the talk together, and to also hear from different voices – the whole concept of the morning and Chine’s message set the tone for intimacy and created the space to share with one another. It certainly wasn’t a problem coming along barefaced, in fact I know many of us felt really liberated! And the chance to capture the moment together with a positive photobooth was a really fun way to round off the morning. We would absolutely recommend a Barefaced Breakfast to other groups of women wanting to take a look together at a challenging topic, and to be affirmed – we certainly felt motivated to make changes in our community and relationships – with ourselves and the mirror as well as with others – as as a result!”

Holly Shaw, All Hallows Bow

If you would like Chine to host a Barefaced Breakfast at your church, get in touch for more information by emailing barefacedbreakfasts@hotmail.co.uk



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