mans eye view

I sometimes think that men get a bad rap when it comes to how women see themselves. I’ve written before about women’s craving to seek the admiration of men.

The men in our lives – our fathers,  boyfriends, brothers, husbands – can, and do, have a significant effect on how we see ourselves, our value and our self-worth.

Over the past week or so, as part of the Ending Violence Against Women campaign, the world has been raising awareness of those men who use their power over women for unimagineable cruelty.

Men have the power to make women feel small and insignifcant, ugly.

So I asked two great men – Darrell Vesterfelt of Prodigal Magazine in the US, and Carl Beech, head of Christian Vision for Men – to write guest posts on this blog to the women in their lives, telling them why they love and value them; why they are beautiful.

Have a read:

To my daughters: you are beautiful to me – by Carl Beech

To my wife: you are valuable, beyond measure – by Darrell Vesterfelt


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